Accounting and Taxation :

Asarpota & Sammut International is an organisation which consists of professional Chartered Accountants and Auditors. Apart from providing various accounting and bookkeeping services we try and work closely with the client and provide them with timely advice which is beneficial to their business. We establish a healthy relationship with the client with helps us understand the business in a better way and would enable us to provide the adequate support which a business requires. Accounting and finanace are one of the key elements on which a business relies. Therefore it is of paramount importance that these functions are handled in the most efficient manner. We recommend all our clients to have professional accountants who can over look their financial and accounting requirements.

We at Asarpota & Sammut International provide
the following services in the field of accounting and Taxation

Preparation of financial statements and reports

Monthly/weekly management reports

Audit and compliance

Outsourcing of Bookkeeping/ Accounting through our office in India

Financial and Business Planning and recommendations


Filling of VAT Returns

We provide our accounting services in United Kingdom, USA, Canada, India, Europe, China and Russia.

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