Offshore Trust Services :

Usually a trust is set up to protect ones asset from the known and unknown creditors or external unknown parties which could claim their right on the asset.

There are three parties to the trust. The first is the SETTLOR who transfers the assets to the trust hereby detaching itself from the legal ownership of the asset. The assets of the trust cannot be claimed upon by any third party even if they have claims against the settlor.
The second party to the trust is the TRUSTEE who is the official manager of the trust who usually has full control of the assets of the trust. Usually a trustee would be someone who can be trusted upon. Chartered Accountants and Lawyers are considered trustworthy due to their professional qualification, high level of work ethic and their understanding in the field of law making them the ideal people to assign the role of a trustee.
The third party to the trust is the BENEFICIARY who ultimately receives the assets of the trust. In certain cases the Settlor can be named as a Beneficiary to the trust. Various clauses can be drafted when the trust is being formed as per the requirement of the Settlor.

Asarpota & Sammut. can assist you in setting up an Offshore Trust in a jurisdiction which is best suited as per your requirements. Every trust is different and we understand the requirements of the client and structure a suitable product which is tailor-made as per your requirements.

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